People are talking about Archive Works

The Kalamazoo Public Library tested Archive Works with some of their patrons and here's what they had to say:

"Overall, I find the new [Archive Works] site easy to use.
"I am glad to see the Kalamazoo Telegraph partially digitized. I recently used the Battle Creek library's digitized papers (1846-1926). Your system is better in that after specifying a specific date range, the hits are displayed in the grid format. The BC system just displays the specific paper and the date. You have to wait for the searching of the specific issue to find out what is there. Your system and the BC system seem to have the same view with a column to the left of the paper that states the system is searching. Then if I do a FIND from the EDIT menu on my Macbook using Safari, I can type in a keyword and that will display a bar at the bottom stating the system is searching 1 of 8 etc."

"Thanks for doing the digitizing. It is adding significant info to my manuscript and to the research, which has never been done before."

"Your system is even better. It is easier to use than's site."